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INTRODUCTION:physical therapy

There are varying philosophies on the approach to the rehabilitation of injury & pain however there are only two strategies of execution; the “management” or “correction” of each.  For decades the problem of injury & pain has steadily reached epic proportions. Never before have there been so many pain sufferers. Never before have there been so many failed surgeries as well as those who abuse pain medication. Unresolved pain is one of the greatest complaints that doctors hear from their patients. These stunning realities are the result of an incomplete model that is only capable of “managing” injury & pain.

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Corrective Therapy Licensing Program (Up to Level 5)

The Corrective Therapy Program provides students to become successful Level III healers in as little as seven months. To begin the Program every student needs to have a national certification or a State Certification by a creditable Massage or Physical Therapy School.  The Corrective Therapy Program teaches the art and science of Healing through our Advanced Corrective Techniques ACT), while also teaching Evaluation Techniques through our four core principles which prepare students in the area of true healing.

In the Corrective Therapy Program, students learn to transfer musculoskeletal energy as well as structural bodywork modalities, Eastern as well as Western theory and technique, and how to treat specific pain triggers, dysfunction, degeneration as well as a holistic approach to health and healing.

eye examDue to the fact that we are training health care practitioners, we include CPR and First Aid training and certification, and Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathology in our Corrective Manual Therapy Program curriculum.  ROCK Institute – CMT School not only prepares athletes to become proficient Corrective Therapist but also trains students to become successful in the marketplace, either as a sole practitioner, an independent contractor, or an employee.

As part of the Corrective Therapy Program curriculum, a student completes a comprehensive Principle Development course. This course includes techniques of Positioning, Support, Movement and Direction, starting and operating a Corrective Therapy Evaluation, philosophies, intake form/soap note skills, and the integration of spiritual and mental connection through communication practices with a holistic approach to health care. Students participate observation hours, Assisting hours and then manual hands on experience, which provides them with on-the-job training in preparation for working professionally.

Master Corrective Specialist Licensing Program (Level 6 and 7 )

Master Corrective Specialist Licensing Program (Level 6 and 7 )

The Master Corrective Specialist (M.C.S.) Program is an advanced multidisciplinary approach to Corrective work preparing students to holistically practice Corrective Therapy in a variety of therapeutic environments.

The Master Corrective Specialist program is available only to ROCK Institute Level 5 Graduates.

Modality-specific Corrective Assessments enhance the CMT effectiveness with clinical analysis, intuition and application of advanced Principled Problems Solving techniques in the following: Myokinetic Techniques: Movement and Direction of Rakhshani Method, Advanced Non-Surgical FDA Treatments, Sports Injury Correction, and Rehabilitative Corrective protocols. Graduates of the Master Corrective Specialist Program develop skills which effectively and efficiently serve each client’s unique needs.

Why should a CMT graduate take the Master Corrective Specialist Program?

Why should a CMT graduate take the Master Corrective Specialist Program?

The Master Corrective Specialist Program builds on the foundation of the Corrective Manual Therapy Program and provides advanced corrective training and techniques.

Increase your skill set to facilitate health and wellness with your clients
Expand on treatment and Sport Injury protocols for specific somatic disease, degeneration and dysfunction in the body
Become an expert in the most sought after cutting edge techniques used in professional practice by ROCK Institute
Graduate with advanced training techniques in multiple disciplines and over 1000 total training hours, making you a true healer that does not manage pain but yet corrects it at the highest level
Expand your knowledge to service a wider range of injuries and diseases as well as their specific needs
Most importantly, as a graduate of The Master Corrective Specialist Program, you will become a more proficient and effective CMT enabling you to make a greater difference in the area of healing human beings.


Students — New and currently matriculating students may enroll in the Master Corrective Specialist Program at any time. However, in order to start the Master Corrective Specialist Program, all students must first complete the Corrective Manual Therapy Program.  Students who complete both the Corrective Manual Therapy Program and Master Corrective Specialist Program graduate with 1000 CMT clock hours.

Graduates — ROCK Institute CMT School graduates are eligible to enroll and start the Master Corrective Specialist Program at the available start date. CMT graduates who complete the Master Corrective Specialist Program graduate with a MCS 1000 clock hours.

What is Corrective Therapy and how is it different than Physical Therapy?

What is Corrective Therapy and how is it different than Physical Therapy?

Corrective therapy (also Neuromuscular Corrective Therapy). It is a proprietary manual technique of deep tissue therapy for restoring anatomical imbalances, injury, as well as, circulation dysfunction and other pathology-specific problems such as scar tissue, inflamed and entrapped nerves, joint impingement, laxity syndromes, stress fractures, neuropathy, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuroma, and more. The therapy provides healing to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. This includes providing healing in conditions where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. Corrective therapy identifies and maximizes the quality of life through increasing functional movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. It involves the interaction between Corrective Therapist (CT), patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to Corrective Therapists. Corrective therapy is performed by either a corrective therapist (CT) or an assistant (CTA) acting under their direction.


ROCK Corrective Therapy Level 3 Program is structured to prepare High school and Collegiate level athletic trainers for professional careers as Licensed Corrective Therapists. At ROCK Institute Students in the Corrective Therapy School (CTS) Program will expand their knowledge and master the practical skills of a Corrective Therapist. Trainees are required to already have a Therapist License and/or Massage License to become a Corrective Therapist.

Level 3a Description:

A “Flusher” Reaches Optimum Core Kinetics through balance stretching & lengthening of all Superficial and Intermediate muscles in five regions, while using the 4 principles. Active Corrective Isolated Stretching Therapy (ACIST) and CET of the 5 regions will be tested in part two. (Neck to Ankles)


Monday- 6:00pm to 10pm
Wednesday- 6:00pm to 10pm
Thursday-6:00pm to 10pm
Saturday- 9:00am to 5pm


$12,500 Corrective Therapist Program
  • State Certificate
  • CT License
  • 1 year of Insurance Liability $1,000,000
  • Tablet loaded with Curriculum
  • 2 ACI Collard shirts
  • Custom Corrective Therapy Table w/cover
  • 575 hours of Lecture, Lab, and Internship (View Courses)
  • Sealed Recommendation Letter upon graduation
  • Corrective Therapy Vibration tool