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Foot Ice Wrap | Foot Heat Wrap


Foot Ice Wrap | Foot Heat Wrap is a professional quality compress wrap

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The Original & Still The Best Foot Ice Wrap 15 Years and Counting!

Patented Design for Targeted Relief

The ActiveWrap® Foot Ice Wrap | Foot Heat Wrap is a professional quality compress wrap complete with two specially formulated 4.6″ x 6.5″ thermal pads that can be assembled and secured in any configuration within the wrap. No longer are you limited to pre-configured sleeve designs that leave you struggling to treat your exact area of pain.

The ActiveWrap® patented design delivers targeted relief for the unique curvatures of the foot and ankle. The stay-soft, non-migrating formula delivers a soft conforming treatment every time. No longer do you have to struggle trying to bend a rock hard ice pack around the tough to treat areas of your foot and ankle. ActiveWrap’s non-migrating heat and ice packs provide interval contrast heat/cold treatments, which are effective in the post–acute phase of injury. ActiveWrap® is the patented original and ONLY wrap that allows you to create any configuration inside your wrap.

Product Specifications:
Professional medical grade compress complete with two reusable 4.5″ x 6.5″ heat and ice packs that can be assembled and secured in any position inside the wrap. Use on either left or right foot. The support wrap is constructed with a top quality Active Medical Plush™ fabric blend on the inside, with a smooth jersey outside. Rugged hook and loop fasteners and flat-lock stitching finish the wrap. Packs are microwave and freezer safe with a full one year warranty. Completely washable and built for years of use. Latex free.

Sizing Chart:

Small-Medium (baws001) Mens 10 and under
Large- Xlarge (bawl002) Mens 10 and over

Exceptional for:

Ankle sprains, Foot surgery, Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Foot fractures, Sore and swollen feet and more.

* If you are looking to treat just the top (dorsal aspect) of the foot out to the toes (and have a foot smaller than size 10) choose our Wrist | Hand wrap for a great alternative. Many of our physical therapy pros use this trick with great results. As always, there is no risk. If you are not completely satisfied with your wrap upon receipt, we will refund your order immediately.

How To Heat and How To Cool Your ActiveWrap Packs
For Cold Therapy Use:

Place ActiveWrap thermal packs flat in freezer with nylon pouch for minimum 2 hrs before using (small packs) or 4 hours for large size packs. Do not freeze below 12 F (-17 C). When ready to use remove from freezer and let stand for several minutes prior to use. Ice down for max of 15 minutes per treatment. Extended time does not equal better results.

*If you are using our ActiveWrap Knee,Shoulder, Hip, or Back Wraps these models are equipped with our new D.L.P. design. You can increase or decrease the heat/cold intensity by simply slipping your pack behind the D.L.P. divider located inside every pouch (See image below for detail) .

Sensitive skin individuals and/or elderly patients should opt to ice with a thin paper towel or fabric between skin and the pouch. Also if you are icing an area that is typically leaner on skin, muscle, or fat tissue, use additional caution and take care not to lean your body weight against the pack during use for prolonged periods of time.