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Sport performance training

Sports Performance Training Orange County

You are here because you are most likely looking at the words “sports performance training near me” or “performance training near me” in your search engine. This means performance training is something you truly want and see value in. Well, you definitely clicked on the right link.

Any sport requires a lot from a sportsman, regardless of the type of sports they are doing, so our training helps them to be prepared for the demands they are likely to face in their careers or everyday exercises.

Supporting the company’s philosophy, our specialists of sports performance training in Orange County will provide an exceptional service with passion and commitment, changing the entire vision of sport life to one that does not require long-term healing processes, or even surgery from injuries. We focus instead only on getting the best from human potential.

The Rock Institute truly believes that our bodies are creations of divine power and, as such, empowered with the capacities that allow us to perform and even exceed the limits of previously held notions of what humans can do. This is what sport is all about. Thus, it is clear to us that a systematic professionally planned complex of physical exercises along with carefully set and thought through mind affirmations enable athletes to be faster, higher, and stronger.

Strictly speaking, we can refer to sports performance training as a targeted process of training focused on the sport of your choosing, be it running or martial arts, covering all aspects of physical and mental activities involved in it.

The set of training methods is designed specifically to improve sports performance and minimize all kinds of injuries, both for amateur and professional sportsmen. It can be easily mistaken for fitness and bodybuilding training, but it concentrates fully on the athletic side of performance, having the final goal not to improve looks or have better overall health, though those are also a part of the process.

Our training focuses on refining the general skills, such as muscular strength, coordination, balance, mobility, and stability. So, the end goal is inner results, more than paying attention only to what we see on the surface. It also trains the athlete’s will and mind concentration. Sports performance training could be identified as a three-sided process aimed at different aspects of the full training concept. Those sides are defined by such objectives as:

  1. Specific – training perfects the qualities and necessary skills for some certain sport activity increasing the chances for better results and reducing the risks of getting any injuries.
  2. Progressive – training helps the athlete achieve better scores/timings/heights, etc. over time as it exercises endurance and long-standing performance skills.
  3. Transferable – training is a means to reach high levels of sports performance in all sports as well as to provide optimal transfer from exercises to a particular sport.

Altogether, those aspects above present a wide range of unique methods that, when integrated effectively into an efficient system, can convert an athlete’s raw abilities and sport-specific skills into a powerful machine trained to achieve short- and long-term goals and increase the chances of success.

As you probably can guess, only a complex and wise approach to sports performance training can lead to visible results. It is a process that takes time and effort, but will reward the performing athlete greatly allowing them to go beyond the limits they are expecting of themselves.