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Testimonials – Dancers

Testimonials – Dancers

baseball5“Our experience at ROCK Institute was a life-changing experience, a “game changer”*. As a professional ballroom competition dancer, I came to Brent under unfortunate circumstances, with two herniated discs in my spine. I could not move my neck, torso or right arm without excruciating pain.

I was told by others that I would never dance the same again, if at all. I was devastated. But meeting with Brent and his team lifted me up after every session mentally, not to mention always feeling increasingly better with every visit.

As an athlete, ROCK Institute is really the only way to get back out there in the shortest time. After 6 months, I was dancing again and in another 6 months I was a better dancer then I was be-fore the injury. Fellow competitors came up to tell me how noticeable the change in my flexibility was, particularly my back. And a year ago I couldn’t move it at all.

ROCK Institute treats every individual with respect and passion to bring the best remedy for the situation. *This is a company that goes the extra mile just to make sure you feel a difference.* As a competitor, my partner and I are now ranked second in our entire company and we would not be where we are as athletes physically and mentally without ROCK Institute.

I recommend RI to anyone suffering from an injury or reoccurring pain. You will be met with passion, respect, and a contagious desire to live in the

Thanks Brent!”

Jude Coraldi and Peter Hann | Professional Ballroom Dancers Arthur Murray Studio Ranked 1st USA and 2nd Worldwide