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Testimonials – Volleyball

Testimonials – Volleyball

vball“Training at ROCK Institute for the past 3 summers has really prepared me for my collegiate preseason and season. Not only do I feel like my strength and agility have increased but so had my game. Training with ROCK Trainer Tyler has been challenging yet enjoyable! I love and look forward to getting in the gym to workout with Tyler because of his unique style of training and ability to push me to the next level. Having had various injuries and recently recovering for. Shoulder surgery, my workouts are modified to my capabilities and I really see the difference in the recovery process! Overall I am so grateful that I was recommended to join ROCK and now I even bring people with me to train and induce them to the amazing atmosphere and results that ROCK and training with Tyler has brought me!”

Lauren Fields | Boston College Volleyball


“​For years I have trained at ROCK Institute. Everyday I went in there was an amazing experience, and I genuinely looked forward to my time with any of the trainers. The facilities were always spotless and every time I went in there I left feeling stronger than when I stepped in the door.

The Rock has helped me develop tremendously. I was able to take my game from point A to point B within a short period of time. there was never any time wasted when I worked out here which is a huge reason for the fast results. Not only did it help me physically, but the trainers were always able to steer me in the right direction when I need any form of assistance, which really helped me grow as a person as well.

What makes the Rock unique is that I think anyone that works out there can agree with me when I say that all the trainers are friends to the athletes as well. Because of these close relationships it makes working out much easier.

I would recommend the Rock for all the reasons stated above. The amazing trainers, state of the art equipment, and their passion for you to reach your goals. Overall this has been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone that asked.”

JACK WYETT | Volleyball​

“I have been training at ROCK Institute for 4 years now and I have had an amazing experience. Every coach and therapist is incredibly caring and truly wants to see you succeed. They are all so supportive and push you to do your very best. The ROCK is different than other personal training gyms because it really focuses on the individual athlete and their needs. I would recommend ROCK Institute to a friend because it helps you see real results while making it fun during the process. I have become so much stronger and such a better all around athlete because of the ROCK. Joining the ROCK Family is truly one of the best decisions I have made as an athlete.”
 Jessi Harris | Volleyball

“​I’ve been training at ROCK Institute for three years. When I first started, I noticed significant results within just a month. I play volleyball, and after working at RI, I immediately noticed improvements in my vertical jump, agility, and strength which resulted in increased overall athleticism. After just a month I was getting to balls that I previously would never have been able to get up. Thanks to my training at ROCK I not only improved my performance on the court, but now I also understand how to train effectively. My time at the ROCK has shown me that my body can take much more than I would expect, and it has taught me how to push myself to my limits.

The coaches at RI are the best. They have great attention to detail, and have helped me customize my weight lifting for my high school, club and now collegiate training programs to minimize risk of injury. RI coaches always emphasize safety first and prioritize correct form over max lifts. Each coach is extremely qualified and has a ton of experience working with athletes ranging from freshmen in high school to professional athletes. The coaches work incredibly hard and are legitimately invested in their athletes’ success. I always recommend ROCK to friends because, quite simply, if you are willing to work hard, ROCK will produce results.”

Shane Gooding | Princeton Volleyball​

devonchang“I’ve been training at the ROCK since I was 13 years old, and it has changed my life in the best way possible. I am not only a stronger, faster, more powerful volleyball player, but my training has given me the confidence to face any challenge that both sports and life may bring me. The trainers at the ROCK push me to my limits in a way that makes me want to work harder not only for myself, but for them as well. The positive energy in the gym is contagious, and I would not want to spend my time anywhere else.”

Devon Chang | Cal Berkeley Volleyball – Setter A4 Club Volleyball Santa Margarita High School