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Wyatt Hahn

Wyatt Hahn | Baseball Performance Coach

Baseball Performance TrainerWyatt Hahn was born and raised in Mission Viejo, California where he grew
up playing multiple sports. He was most successful in baseball, where he
went on to play at Mission Viejo High School. After graduation, he
continued his baseball career and education at Chapman University in
Orange, California. After his freshman year at Chapman, he suffered a
severe back injury that forced him to have an emergency back surgery and
took him away from college baseball for two years. After facing much
adversity and with the support of family and friends he was able to come
back and play his senior year. Wyatt graduated in May of 2017 with a B.A.
in Psychology and an interdisciplinary cluster focused on Leadership in
Athletic Performance. After his battles as a student athlete Wyatt became
determined to pursue a career where he could help athletes reach their full
potential both in and outside their sports. As a coach at ROCK Institute
Wyatt works to push his athletes to reach new milestones physically as well
as be there as a constant support and role model for their needs and
desires off the field.