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Advantage Corrective Therapy Program

Advantage Corrective Therapy Program

The information below provides a brief overview of the process involved with the Advantage Corrective Program.


An overall Health history intake is created for each client and upon completion the client will be directed to the appropriate assessment. Each division has an assessment that must be completed prior to beginning any performance wellness program. Assessments may include but are not limited to: a performance/fitness assessment, a “micro” & “macro” musculoskeletal/neuromuscular Corrective assessment, as well as an advanced Nutritional Assessment. For more diversified rehabilitative needs we provide comprehensive in-house lab testing which can be seen below.

Comprehensive Performance Wellness Laboratory Testing

We offer over seven major comprehensive tests. These tests include although not limited to: Immunology/Food allergy testing, metabolic and nutritional testing, genomic, hormonal, gastrointestinal testing. To understand the comprehensiveness of just one test, the Immunology testing comprises of 87+ food antibodies and IgG Vegetarian assessments (allergy testing), spices, inhalants, molds, celiac and gluten sensitivity. By analyzing at the cellular level for all testing, we can expect the most accurate results. These tests not only allow us to design the most precise and individualized programs for energy production and regenerative capability, but also serve as a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of your program. Other panels include; cellular electrical functions, toxicity assessment for; heavy metals, fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites; all factors that weaken immunity, regeneration, healing and overall performance.

Neuromuscular Corrective Therapy™ (NCT) a.k.a. (C.T.)

Neuromuscular Corrective Therapy™ (NCT) a.k.a. (C.T.) is a proprietary manual technique of deep tissue therapy for restoring anatomical imbalances, injury, as well as, circulation dysfunction and other pathology-specific problems such as scar tissue, inflamed/entrapped nerves, stress fractures, neuropathy, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuroma, and more.

Corrective Exercise Therapy™ (CET)

Corrective Exercise Therapy™ (CET) is a multi-phased, corrective exercise recovery program for regenerating and re-conditioning injured tissues and joints in order to stabilize and restore anatomical function & power. For elite performance needs, CET stair steps into ROCK Institute’s HIGH PERFORMANCE RECONDITIONING program. The program safely and rapidly maximizes health, stability, flexibility, power, and conditioning while decreasing chances of injury recurrence.

Non-Surgical Corrective Technology (NSCT)

Non-Surgical Corrective Technology (NSCT) a highly advanced, fully integrated system for traumatic sports injuries, as well as, stroke and nerve damage victims. NSCT is also highly effective with mitigating pain associated with chronic arthritic degeneration, fibromyalgia, bulging discs and bone on bone. Complex injury and immune-related problems that heighten pain and create healing challenges that the NSCT system has effectively helped include the following; grade 2 ligament/muscle & tendon tears, slap tears, broken bones, stress fractures, joint grinding and impingement syndromes, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, bone spurs and many other post surgical complications.