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Sports injury clinic

Sports Therapy and Injury Clinic
Orange County

Pursuing sports excellence and world records the athletes often push their bodies to the limits causing such frequent consequences as injuries. Unfortunately, you might be one of those individuals as you are searching for “Sports therapy clinic near me” and “Sports injury clinic near me”.

The notion of sports therapy is researched and analyzed in numerous articles and sports magazines all over the world. It still causes professional arguments and endless discussions. But all the experts agree on one thing, it is a necessary part of an athlete’s routine be it everyday training or rehabilitation process after an injury.

Sports therapy or as often referred to as sports physical therapy is a specific area of therapy that works with all kinds of sports injuries (ex. acute, repetitive, or chronic) in both professional or amateur environments. It specifically focuses on the prevention of an injury and smooth and most effective rehabilitation if it has already occurred. The entire process includes a thorough examination and evaluation of the injured area; confirmation of the diagnosis; complex treatment; and a carefully supervised transition back to the sport.

Sports therapists are also trained to work with post-surgical conditions helping the athletes get their strengths back and most efficiently return to the field. They focus on making sure the injury leaves the least impact on the skill that is affected and the athlete can use his body functions again without any inconsistencies.

Can not talk about sports therapies without touching upon prevention. It might be one of if not the most crucial aspects of sports therapy. The therapists use special pre-participation tests and examinations that show possible risks and vulnerable areas. After that they adjust the athlete’s performance goals and techniques, introduce some changes to the equipment choice (if the sport allows that), modify nutrition and training plans if necessary. Needless to say, it is easier to prevent than work on the consequences of an injury if it’s inflicted.

Sports injury clinics deal with all the above-mentioned aspects of treating a sports injury no matter how professional you are in sports or not a sporty person at all. We all can suffer from minor or major pains, all kinds of sprains, and many other musculoskeletal problems caused by simply losing our footing during a morning run or overdose of Sunday workout.

A multidisciplinary team of our Institute is working on the sports therapy programs merging the expertise of hundreds of researchers and the experience of thousands of athletes.

An athlete who has had an injury is at a very vulnerable point in his life and career. Therefore, choosing the right therapist is a decision that should be responsible and very well thought through. One needs to consider the expertise of the clinic in question and the real stories from the athletes, who have had their programs there. Also, pay attention to the specialists’ qualifications that show their field of study.

Getting an appointment with a specialist from the Rock Institute Clinic opens you a door to a healthy recovery from your injury. Do not lose your key!