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Major Technical Lift Training

Major Technical Lift Training

Ideally, athletes participate in a strength program in order to help decrease the likelihood of injuries and gain a competitive advantage. However, athletes are told by coaches from day 1 that they need to get bigger, faster and stronger in order to earn their spot on the team. They are asked to perform extremely technical lifts at high intensity to obtain these desired attributes….many times sacrificing mechanics, technique and form in order to add a few more pounds onto the bar.

This can quickly lead to muscular imbalance, unnecessary wear and tear on the joints, and leave the athlete susceptible to injury. ROCK Institute has a designed our Effective, Efficient, and Safe (EES) Technical Lift Training Program to address this disconnect. We believe in not only teaching the athlete proper form and technique on all major lifts but also giving the athlete the tools they need to address imbalances, improve mobility, and correct mechanics.

What the Athlete will Learn:

  1. Olympic Lifts
    1. Clean and Jerk
    2. Snatch
  2. Power Lifts
    1. Squat
    2. Deadlift
    3. Bench Press
  3. Mobility and Flexibility
    1. Self Myofascial Release Techniques
      1. Lacrosse Ball
      2. Foam Roller
    2. Specific Joint Mobilization
      1. Ankle
      2. Knee
      3. Hip
      4. Thoracic Spine
      5. Shoulder