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Who We Are

Who We Are

ROCK Institute

ROCK Institute is a faith based company that seeks to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our athletes, patients, clients, and community. For decades, RI has worked hard to be on the cutting edge of human performance, having served over 15,000 athletes and individuals. It is through our unique perspective and comprehensive methodology that RI focuses on strengthening functional movement patterns in order to eliminate pain and discomfort, restore the body’s natural functions, promote healing, and prevent unwarranted surgeries. Our Performance, Correction and Wellness Divisions work as a team to help individuals Reach Optimum Core Kinetics.

Our Core Values

We are: • Authentic • Passionate • Disciplined • Inspiring • Family

Our Vision

To be the ultimate leader in human performance.

Our Mission

Our ROCK Family purpose is to deliver unparalleled service with passion to change lives by preventing unwarranted surgeries, healing disease, and maximizing human potential.

Our Philosophy

Humbly and faithfully, we believe the human body is divinely created and, as such, endowed with an instinctive capacity to perform and regenerate far beyond science and medicine can fully explain. The body’s health, power and potential are derived from total core strength and proper integration of Body-Mind-Soul. We have great confidence that synergy and balance in all aspects of life is vital for restoring optimal health, increasing longevity, and maximizing human performance.

Our Methods

ROCK Institute has created a highly advanced performance enhancement system grounded on sound theories that support healthy human function and the body’s capacity to regenerate. Based upon each individual’s unique and specific needs, we have developed a proprietary L.I.F.E. Performance Blueprint™ process to strategically integrate the technical, physical, nutritional, therapeutic and educational tools that support all performance needs. All programs are coach-therapist-doctor inspired to ensure that each session is uniquely made and purpose driven. We aim to identify the physiological and mental/emotional blocks that impede regeneration, to empower the body to recover faster than ever before.

Our Technology

Our innovative and proprietary technologies bring advanced micro-injury and pathology assessment tools for healing the body, and have allowed us to create blueprints for all our performance, corrective and wellness programs.