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Athlete Blueprint

Athlete Blueprint

athleteblueprintLike no other, Athlete Blueprint™ is a comprehensive, 3 phase performance and injury prevention assessment that breaks through the walls of traditional thinking to unleash the athlete’s speed, power & resiliency. Overuse and wear & tear injury have long been the athlete’s greatest health threat, while to a lesser degree impact injuries can often produce difficult healing complications.  With the intense physical demands placed on the athlete, these “kinds” of injuries can often create unique skeletal and neuromuscular complications that weaken the resiliency of the athlete and impede proper development in speed and power! Athlete Blueprint™ begins by compiling vital information about the athlete to identify subtle musculoskeletal (muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone alignment) weaknesses as well as key biochemical imbalances that are known to increase health risks and contribute to improper skeletal and musculoskeletal development. Phase 2 & 3 of Athlete Blueprint™ quantifies the high-performance health and skill levels of the athlete’s mechanical functions in direct relation to speed, power, explosion, strength, agility, quickness and endurance.  This process provides vital data that is required to maximize speed and power as well as the athlete’s resiliency.  Athlete Blueprint™ does this by means of identifying any conflicting musculoskeletal and/or mechanical weaknesses that adversely affects the health and resiliency of the athlete. Athlete Blueprint™ provides bottom-line clarity and sport-specific guidelines that the athlete, coach and parent, needs to know.  The athlete can finally be effectively developed and advanced towards optimal health and performance power. …because the health of every athlete matters! For the athlete who demands the best…

The Athlete Blueprint™ includes:

  • Performance Wellness & Hydration Testing/Rating
  • Nutrition Blueprint
  • Musculoskeletal Testing
  • Joint Specific Injury Testing
  • Functional Movement and Biomechanical Testing
  • Kinetic Power Testing
  • Athlete Performance Pre and Post Testing

Core Function ~ Flexibility ~ Body Control ~ Speed ~ Gate Movement ~ Footwork/Agility ~ Quickness ~ Power ~ Adaptability ~ Diet/Hydration ~ Immunity ~ Recovery

Components of The Athlete Blueprint™

hockeyPhase 1: MUSCULOSKELETAL TESTING: ROCK Institute’s revolutionary system is the first complete, injury-specific corrective system ever developed for the elite athlete. It is built around a proprietary neuromuscular assessment that analyzes the musculoskeletal health of the athlete. Critical pre-injury information is identified and gathered such as micro tearing, growth imbalances, and overcompensation patterns. This vital information is used to determine the overall health and development of the athlete’s skeletal and neuromuscular health.

Phase 2: HIGH PERFORMANCE TESTING: High Performance Wellness, Inc. has created a dynamic, high-performance testing module that safely and effectively defines the athlete’s true power status. The 90-minute performance module analyzes the athlete through a full spectrum of sport-specific skills to define the athlete’s power and anatomical functions. The data accrued from the testing serves to rate the athlete in speed & power as well as skeletal, muscular, tendon and ligament functions. The information also serves to analyze the resiliency of the athlete’s health and design the athlete’s conditioning program.

Phase 3: NUTRITION BLUEPRINTING Each athlete is evaluated on their overall immune and endocrine health through a comprehensive health assessment that includes acid/alkaline testing, blood sugar testing, food sensitivity testing, dietary and hydration assessing. This data provides the means to test and rate an athlete’s responsiveness towards foods and supplements and how these substances are impacting “internal” immune and endocrine functions. This data is critical to define the athlete’s hidden vulnerabilities to over training, wear and tear breakdown and the body’s regenerative health. If further clarifies any dietary habits that do not support the overall health or longevity of the athlete.

Phase 4: SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM ROCK Institute utilizes an interdisciplinary team to approach an athletes multifaceted needs.  This holistic approach includes our Sports Psychology Program lead by Dr. Jody Adewale. Sport psychology addresses in two main areas:

  1. helping athletes use psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and to improve performance (performance enhancement)
  2. Understanding how participation in sport, exercise and physical activity affects an individual’s psychological development.

ROCK’S focus is aimed at maximizing performance, recovery, and wellness of all it’s athletes.  ROCK Institute believes that an athlete’s performance is directly related to his or her mental state and identifying environmental factors the improve upon/interfere with optimal ability. ROCK’S Sports Psychology program addresses issues interfering with performance, motivation, focus,  and attention.

  • Family problems
  • Athletic performance and barriers to success
  • Depression
  • Coping Skills
  • Adjustment
  • Anxiety
  • Medication Management
  • Psychological Testing (ADHD, ADD, Personality, Neurological, etc.)
  • Treats/Works to prevent depression, anxiety, suicide, domestic violence, drug use/dependence and various psychosocial problems.

  Bulletproof the athlete from injury…