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Strength agility training

Strength and Agility Training Orange County

Whatever sports you engage in it will require agility and ability. No matter what you play, you definitely want to master that skill, which is why you are looking for “strength and agility training near me” right?

Let’s figure out what it is and why it is important for an athlete who wants to successfully reach the best levels of performance regardless of the sport they play.

As a rule, agility is defined as our body’s ability to be fast and mobile, change directions without losing control over the body, as well as retain balance, considering the fact that in sports we are constantly in motion. Agility is one of the key ingredients of a fit and strong body. It is required in many sports and activities, be they individual or team ones.

As it is easy to see the value of agility, it is easy to understand the importance of strength. Strength is the starting point for agility development. So, whenever you are trying to train your agility skill, you cannot skip the strength part. One doesn’t go without the other. Needless to say, strength and agility training benefits not only the performance of the athletic nature but also improves our everyday movements.

The Rock Institute offers a great opportunity to those who are interested in strength and agility training as long as your search request states “Sports training Orange County”. That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you are running on the field, skating on ice, or jumping off cliffs – you will benefit from our strength and agility training programs, as they are aimed at achieving better balance, quicker movements, and shorter reaction times.

We cannot miss out on the impact of those types of training on our everyday lives. Everybody knows the pain of a sprained ankle or of a pulled muscle caused by lifting a baby stroller up the stairs for example. Risks of these injuries are significantly lower when you are cherishing your body with strength and agility training, which refines flexibility and improves the overall control over the body.

As agility comes hand in hand with strength we are killing two birds with one stone, helping not only our body’s muscles but also making our cognitive performance better, as one study managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory shows. It directly proves that agility training technics (such as ladder exercises, shuttle races, etc.) influence not only standard aspects of our physical form and endurance but significantly affect our memory, focus and concentration as it forces connections among various parts of the brain.

Speaking of dynamic movement, we can’t but mention balance. With the help of strength and agility training, our body reaches better awareness of its transitions. Regular practice makes our body work as a unit, which results in improved balance and more coordinated movements. Unfortunately, there is no sport without the risk of post-workout pain, or even injury. And again, agility training comes in handy, reducing recovery times. So, no more sore muscles and painful training sessions!

All the above-mentioned benefits of strength and agility training are only proving the importance of an integrated approach to our programs at Rock Institute.