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Speed agility training

Speed and Agility Training Newport Beach | Orange County

Running after your dog in the park, playing basketball with your in-laws, showing your kids that you still can beat them in a race for the last donut in the fridge, or cutting in front of your loved one while skiing to set up a romantic fall into the snow… All of these scenarios require speed and agility from us if we do not want to fail or be the subject of jokes.

Typing “speed and agility training near me” or “sports training orange county” into the search box (that’s how you probably got here) means you are an athlete or a person who wants to show good performance in the activities mentioned above. You can be engaged in any amateur or professional sports, or simple routine morning exercises–but all of it will demand the same skill from you. That makes you most welcome at the Rock Institute bringing you directly to our professionally supervised training programs.

Speed and agility cannot be separated to achieve the best results in any activity. It only works in tandem. From modern life to the big world of sports awards, going for the best everyday makes us naturally compete with each other to be better every moment.

The most basic understanding of speed is just fast movement from one point to the other. It seems obvious that all you need is to train your muscles so that they can bring you from A to B. However, if we look closer, speed is the result of a complex combination of physical activities and strategic thinking. On the other hand, agility may be unfamiliar to some, though this fact should not downplay its importance. Agility in sport is often defined as the ability to control your body movements well while in motion.

At a first glance it may seem pretty easy and simple: just learn to run fast. But there is much more to it than training for fast movements, as speed involves lots of inner body processes as well as concentration and tactical thinking. Only hard work on all the components will reward you with satisfaction on the playing field or in any activity you are up to.

Our specialists at the Rock Institute, based in newport beach, approach training with expertise based on the experience of the best coaches and athletes. Weekly, monthly, and yearly programs carefully structured according to your needs and requests will help you get in shape with all the speed and agility your body is capable of. Taking into consideration short- and long-term goals, our team of professionals will make a completely personalized plan of effective development of all your strengths as an athlete.

In the world of sports, speed is the king and agility is the queen. Possessing both gives any athlete a huge advantage. Therefore, those who understand it and accept it as the gospel’s truth will reach higher peaks in their careers. That’s why speed and agility training should be done under professional supervision.