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Physical Therapy Orange County

Sport Physical Therapy Orange County and Newport Beach

Physical Therapy Newport Beach as well as Physical Therapy Orange County search queries will probably give you many options to choose from. We are not going to tell you we are the best in the community. Better if you come and see it for yourself. Our carefully selected team of dedicated professionals will not leave you any doubts that more than 15,000 satisfied athletes and individuals can not be mistaken.

If you are an athlete, no matter amateur or professional, your body is your castle, your main means of getting to where you want to be. İt brings you to the top of your dreams or does not let you get there if you neglect it. That’s what makes you take good care of it and that’s what we can help you with at the Rock İnstitute.

İt is not news that, unfortunately, nobody is proof against injuries. And being an athlete puts you even more at risk. Getting an injury may seriously discourage us and ruin our plans or even careers. But there is a way out. And we at the Rock Institute know the most sufficient and effective one.

A healing process may be irritating and long-lasting, but we do our best and try to make it even enjoyable! We start from a physical examination and evaluation conducted by our specialists, after which you receive clinical diagnosis and prognosis, as well as your personalized treatment plan. The last phase is the therapist’s recommendations for self-managed recovery procedures. Efficient fulfillment of those recommendations is one of the most crucial components of your healing process.

İf you still doubt the benefits of physical therapy, have a look at least at a couple of them:

  •  Reduced pain;
  •  Avoiding unwarranted surgeries in most cases;
  •  Reduced risk of post-injury complications;
  •  İmproved movements during the healing process;
  •  Faster recovery and restoration of natural functions.

Needless to say, that physical therapy can be a standalone treatment and also a part of other complex treatments. Some clients are directed to our specialists by their consulting physicians, while others are seeking our help themselves.

This type of therapy is unquestionably advantageous as the therapist helps the patient maximize his strengths regardless of the injury and leads him through the healing process mentoring and supporting throughout the way. The specialist is obviously taking special care of the injured area working on restoring its proper function. But it is also important to not forget about other skills that were not affected by the injury and keep them practiced and busy without harming the problem zone.

It is also useful to learn and practice your special treatment exercises under professional supervision before performing them at home on your own.

Depending on the nature of the injury we apply different methods and practices. Mostly that would be various types of physical manipulations, for example, orthopedic physical therapy, cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy, vestibular therapy, and many more.

Together with those manual therapies, the treatment may involve electric stimulation, hot and icy water therapy, or even laser therapy.

Listen to your body and to your physical therapist, and you will get out from your injury situation even stronger and better. Trust the Rock Institute and you will get the best physical therapy and rehabilitation care available in Newport Beach and Orange County.