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Corporate Nutrition Seminars

Corporate Nutrition Seminars

ROCK Institute is now offering a new series of health and nutrition short and intensive seminars designed for the person with a fast-paced lifestyle. Health demands on executives, management, and sales people share the a common thread of high stress, long days, early starts and late finishes, and too many meals at restaurants with questionable ingredients – all of which take their toll over time. Suddenly, consequences such as abdominal distress, weight gain, headache, diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression seem to creep in out of nowhere – but for each there is a root cause.

We have a series of lectures tackling these issues, covering the cause, and presenting simple and easy-to-implement strategies for addressing and overcoming such conditions. We’ll cover topics like weight management, healthy choices when eating out, controlling cholesterol, simple plans for correcting diabetes and high blood pressure, meal planning for the busy family, how to increase energy without stimulants, and many, many more.

These health topics will help you get it “right” and start reversing conditions that are tapping your potential. Protect your health, and that of your loved – attend these seminars.

These lectures are being taught by Mitch Hopkins.