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Our Philosophies

Our Philosophies

Our philosophies stem from each of the divisions of ROCK Institute; Performance, Correction and Wellness.

Health Philosophy

ROCK Institute believes that the human body is divinely created and, as such, endowed with an innate capacity to perform, recover, regenerate & heal far beyond all that science and medicine can fully explain.

With the bodies’ vast complexities of internal systems, organs, glands, cell functions, etc, it is easy to over-complicate the sciences required to maximize human performance. It is equally as easy to minimize the sciences as well as common sense and be exposed to unnecessary risks.

However complex the body is it is well proven throughout medicine & science that the body’s health, power and potential are derived from the total strength & proper integration of Body-Mind-Soul.

As such, ROCK Institute believes in a total approach for achieving & restoring optimum health, longevity and maximum performance power. Synergy & balance of the total person are essential for human performance, injury prevention, regeneration, healing & pain free function.

Human Performance Philosophy

The body was created to perform. Performance from day one always involves freedom of movement. To grow and stay healthy one must continue to move with freedom. To maximize health & sport performance one must master an array of movement (kinetic) skills with precision, power & freedom.

In movement, the human body creates all of its power through the mid section of the trunk. This area is referred to as the “core” muscles of the body. The core muscles are all of the muscles above the hips & buttocks upward to the bottom of the shoulders. The “core” is responsible for stabilizing the upper & lower extremities in order to produce power and protect the body from injury. When the core is weak or developed improperly, the body will predictably break down. This explains why back pain is the number one complaint of all pain syndromes.

A healthy body, therefore, is a body that can continue to move with great power & freedom of pain. Great health also maintains & sustains power and pain free function. The number one cause of athletic injuries is an undeveloped core & poor movement skills. The number cause of broken bones for seniors is loss of movement skills, which leads to falling. Proper movement from a healthy “core” is essential for longevity. The “core” matters!

Core Performance Philosophy

Due to the body’s unique physiological, mental and spiritual makeup, ROCK Institute believes that it is essential to acquire a “core” understanding of how the body works together as a system in order to create health, vitality, power and passion.

Sport Performance Philosophy

ROCK Institute believes that a delicate balance exists between building power from “weight lifting” — that emphasizes high volume “weight” lifts — versus building power from dynamic “core” exercises — that emphasize the kinetic skills of speed, agility, power & core functionality. While it is true that the athlete must benefit from intensive weight resistance training, the athletes’ greater power comes from the proper development of the core, which equally produces healthy functionality and resiliency.

ROCK Institute believes that the foundation for building maximum strength for all movement (speed, agility, quickness, power, etc) as well as every sport-specific skill such as hitting, throwing, jumping, batting, kicking, etc, are best developed when the greater emphasis is on the proper development of the core.

ROCK Institute believes that in order to properly train athletes (and non-athletes) it requires that every fitness program be defined by the following parameters: age, gender, maturity (physical, emotional, technical), core strength, kinetic proficiency, fitness levels as well as the overall “volume of activity” that is consistent to the goals, weaknesses, risks & sport-specific needs of the individual. This process demands that an accurate and comprehensive assessment be properly administrated in order to create an effective program. These parameters serve to provide the most productive environment for performance success, injury prevention and longevity of health & career.