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Functional Performance Nutrition

Fuctional Performance Nutrition

1) Your Consultation

The first step in developing your plan for better health is an in-depth 60 minute session with your Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Specialist. This session will allow us to get to know you, and where you are starting from with regards to your health. Several baseline measurements such as body composition, lab results, and your Function Nutrition Dietary Questionnaire will be assessed and used to determine your starting point.

2) Your Plan

We will analyze your results, clinical needs, and personal goals to develop an individualized plan that is fit to meet your needs. A customized eating plan, hydration requirements, sleeping tips, supplement and exercise recommendations will be core components. Special considerations for weight loss, weight gain, food allergies or intolerances, lifestyle management or correction of medical and/or chronic conditions will be addressed.

3) Your Nutrition Blueprint

ROCK Institute will ensure you have the right educational materials and health information to support you in your journey to better health. In order to see the optimal results, you will need routine follow ups (30 minute sessions) to track your progress. This is a major factor for success, and provides an opportunity for your ROCK Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Specialist to make adjustments to your plan as you progress.

Specific group or individual programs may include weight loss, weight management, chronic disease management or reversal, grocery shopping tours, home and family menu makeovers, and weekly weigh-ins.

4) Referral coordination

If service referral is needed, ROCK Institute will help you get in contact with our Performance Specialists, Physicians, or Corrective Therapy to meet your needs for overall health and wellness. Should medical specialists be required as part of your patient care, we will make referrals to the best qualified ROCK Approved physicians most capable of helping you with your advanced health concerns.