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RI has a rich, 25+ year history of working with elite athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, AVP, MLS, and Olympic Track and Field. The RI approach to strength & conditioning has set new standards in making athletes healthier, faster, more explosive, resilient and less dependent upon prescription pain killers and exploratory surgery. RI is committed to developing the total athlete with a proprietary health and performance system that is carefully built around their needs. RI specializes in creating individual-specific assessments and programs to identify and correct the hidden “causes” that impede performance and break down the athlete.

The Athlete Blueprint Assessment identifies core weaknesses/imbalances in 3 major body systems that govern all human movement, power, health and regeneration. Through this proprietary process the athlete can now recover and regenerate faster than ever before. Furthermore, athletes can now be developed in a cohesive manner that allows them to accelerate strength, power, speed and resiliency in every sport-specific application where they were unable to do so before.

Jr. Athletes Services:

RI recognizes the need of developing the young athlete and has created a unique and complete system to empower the health, performance & resiliency of the junior athlete. Injuries for young male/female athletes are unprecedented. With competition at all time highs, our youth are training year round in multiple sports/club teams. The average 14 year old athlete of today is pushing his/her body as hard as 23+ year old professional athlete did twenty five years ago. Over-training and over-use are the most significant causes of all injuries in every sport on every level. The phenomenon of overuse is just as prevalent for the professional athlete.

RI believes that the average junior athlete is not properly prepared to handle the rigors and intensities of competitive, year-round sports. RI’s youth programs focus on developing the junior athlete to meet with her/his anatomical, mental, and emotional development. RI’s objective with every junior client is to protect them from poor habits, over-training and faulty anatomical development, which leads to injury. RI’s training emphasis is based on developing core power, balance and flexibility as well as the kinetic aspects of sport-specific strength, body control, quickness, speed, agility and coordination.

Through this process, young athletes are able to develop faster with greater core health, strength and resiliency. A safe foundation is built. Now the fast maturing athlete is prepared to move into more advanced aspects of conditioning and strength resistance where mentally, emotionally and physically they are equipped to make their maximum increase in overall strength, speed, power and athleticism.