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Knee Ice Wrap | Knee Heat Wrap


Provides heat, ice, and compress therapy all-in-one easy to use design

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The ActiveWrap® Knee Ice Wrap | Knee Heat Wrap provides heat, ice, and compress therapy all-in-one easy to use design. Gone is the need to pillage your freezer for every available rock solid ice cube, just to get one treatment that will most likely wind up leaking all over your house. ActiveWrap® is your no mess, reusable answer to your therapy experience. The ActiveWrap® knee is equipped with a pair of generous 3″ wide plush compression straps that can be spiraled around the support to provide focused compression and easy self-fastening. This is not your typical drugstore ice pack for the knee. The ActiveWrap® Knee Ice Wrap | Knee Heat Wrap is the absolute finest quality heat | ice wrap available. You can now choose from our base 2 pack model or 3 pack systems

Patented Design You Can Trust Since 1997

Our uniquely formulated heat and ice packs can be adjusted-positioned-secured anywhere inside the ActiveWrap® for targeted relief. Rather than using a watery gel material that will push away and run from your injury; we use a thick, uniform composition similar to cushioned elastic, without the harmful chemicals. 100% FDA registered. This allows us to deliver a lightweight and comfortable pain relieving solution unlike anything on the market. You can view this unique formulation here: The ActiveWrap Advantage

* New for 2013 is our patent pending DLP design giving the user another way to adjust the degree of heat | cold during a treatment. We understand that comfort equals compliance and compliance delivers healthy outcomes.

Most cryotherapy applications call for only one pack during a treatment, leaving you with an extra ice pack ready to go to in a continuous cycle. Looking for continuous cold treatments and total convenience? Make sure to grab an extra set of large ice packs (item bawp004) at checkout. Designed by physical therapy professionals. It truly is an all-in-one therapy solution for knee and leg pain.

Exceptional for: shins, calf, knee, quads and hamstring applications

Size chart measured 3 inches above the knee:

Small-Medium (bawk005)
Under 18″ ( most popular size for shin | calf injuries)
Large- XL (bawk006)
Over 18″ (most popular size for knees | thighs )
Extra Wide (bawk007)
Over 25″ (holds 3 ice packs inside for full knee ice therapy)