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Profuel Weight-Loss

Profuel Weight-Loss

Our PROFUEL program is about finding the right food mix for optimizing your health and performance. While there are general principles for nutrition that work for nearly all of us, as individuals, each of us can more easily obtain nutrients from some foods over others, and we are more or less susceptible to different chemicals, toxins (both natural-occurring and flavor enhancing), types of food, and eating patterns.

The PROFUEL program uses a four phase program to establish your optimum food mix, followed by the design of a Nutritional Blueprint for the optimizing your health and performance. This is not a diet – it is a directional change that will impact and enhance the rest of your life!

The PROFUEL program begins by removing all foods, and then reintroducing them in order from least to most stressful on the body (low stress foods require very little energy to process). Laboratory food-sensitivity tests guide the reintroduction of foods:

Phase 1 begins with a liquid diet to give your body a chance to cleanse (detoxify), strengthen your immune system, increases your metabolism.

Phase 2 introduces solids foods back into a revitalized immune and metabolic system with vegetables, which require the least energy to break down into nutrients.

Phase 3 introduces proteins, and the order of introduction is guided by the laboratory tests. Even for those most compatible with your physiology, proteins require more energy to break down into nutrients than vegetables.

Phase 4 introduces dairy and grains, which are the most challenging to break down into nutrients. It is also the area our digestive systems can waste way too much energy trying to convert some dairy and grains into nutrients, resulting in food allergies and other health-related issues.

Once your body has been cleansed, and foods reintroduced in a strategic order, we can develop a Nutritional Blueprint for maintaining your optimum, healthy, diet and lifestyle. Don’t wait another day – take charge of your health today!

The day of cookie-cutter diets are finally over! The PROFUEL Program is the first weight loss program that builds a comprehensive dietary strategy around your unique metabolic signature. This signature is what makes you different from everyone else at the cellular level. By working with your metabolic signature RI creates a program that is perfect for you and only you. This revolutionary approach is the gold standard for creating the health and shape you’ve always desired! Go to last page to see the PROFUEL Program Outline.

Most people misunderstand the profound role of food. Foods contain very powerful chemicals that activate all metabolic functions. If the food you are eating does NOT harmonize with your immune system, that food can create trouble for you no matter how healthy it is. This explains much about the failures of the dieting community and, more importantly, the fast rising health problems confronting Americans every year.

RI has shown that one of the greatest ways to impact health is to match the right foods to the right person! Every person is truly unique in how their body responds to food. This makes your metabolic signature as unique as your fingerprint. RI calls this process the PROFUEL Program

Along with your lab testing RI designs a 4 phase dietary program that will become your road map to revolutionize your health and weight loss goals! RI has found this to be the single most effective means for helping clients achieve breakthroughs in weight loss, human performance, hormonal re-balancing, pain correction, as well as, tissue and joint regeneration and immune healing.

The reason the PROFUEL Program works so effectively is because it balances the metabolic processes at the cellular levels. The core of optimal health is found at the cellular level where the body carries out 3 essential functions — Detoxification (getting the “bad” out) — Digestion (getting the “good” in) — Defending (immunity — protecting against sickness & disease). This explains why the PROFUEL Program has helped such diverse populations from world class athletes, to chronic pain sufferers, and weight loss populations. The PROFUEL Program works because it is built around the principals of Functional Medicine with the highest degrees of individual specificity. Hypocrites put it best — “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!”