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Testimonials – Baseball & Softball

Testimonials – Baseball & Softball

baseball5“A year and a half ago I came to ROCK Institute with back pain and shoulder pain. The pain was so intense it was hard for me to use my arm without causing pain and it was hard for me to sleep because of my back pain. I spent the summer strengthening and getting Corrective Therapy on my shoulder and back. I then had Prolotherapy for both my back and shoulder which took my pain away and strengthened the muscles in my back and shoulder. Prolotherapy is a treatment that makes your body naturally heal itself. When I went back to College I had a great year getting (MVP), Most Valuable Player Award. ROCK was also able improve my pitching speed from around 67-68 miles per hour to 70mph. ROCK continues to work with me with the different injuries I receive. Everyone at ROCK Institute puts a 110% percent into everything they do to make sure everyone is getting the right treatment or training. I can’t imagine going to anyplace else. ROCK is literally a life saver. I owe them everything.”

Caitlin Bradac

“ROCK Institute has helped our Laguna Beach Baseball Program become faster, stronger, and more confident. They go above and beyond to connect with each of our players to maximize their potential from continued Professional Guest Speakers to guiding our athletes to find their “Vision” personally and as a team. Not only do they offer incredible information about Performance and Nutrition but have helped create a positive and faith filled environment. Our players have a deeper level of commitment, purpose, and determination due to ROCK Institute’s passionate and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend ROCK Institute to anyone who desires their athletes to be in optimal shape both physically and mentally.”

Mike Bair | Laguna Beach Baseball Head Coach