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Testimonials – Weight Loss

Testimonials – Weight Loss


weightloss4weightloss3“I came to ROCK looking to lose weight, improve my overall nutrition and hopefully just feel better – I was tired of not having energy and just feeling lousy.

After a consultation and food sensitivity testing we realized that my diet was holding me back from being at my best. By making the necessary changes to my diet and following the program created for me I have seen amazing results.

In 30 days I lost 25 pounds, feel better, have more energy, sleep better and have eliminated a number of issues – I no longer get heartburn, which used to be a near daily occurrence; for years I have been plagued by migraines at least two times a month, by changing my diet and exercising I have not had a migraine in over two months; for months my fingernails were breaking and peeling, now I have beautiful nails; and, the best thing since making these changes – I now know how it feels to be healthy and how good the right foods taste, I can’t imagine ever going back.

As a second phase to my program, I made a commitment to drastically improve my fitness health. I was greatly pleased with my initial weight loss and was able to keep it off but realized that I couldn’t attain the results that I wanted through diet alone – I needed a focused fitness plan! This past June I began working out at ROCK with a trainer and have since lost nearly 40 pounds! Best of all I now have tone and definition that I have not had in over a decade and I truly feel great.

My overall health has improved dramatically – I haven’t even had so much as a sniffle this winter. I continue to eat and hydrate according to my personalized ROCK Nutrition Blueprint that I received over a year ago, and more importantly, have completely done away with all of the allergies that used to slow me down every day! Since college I have had gym memberships, signed up for fitness programs, and none of them compare to the results, support and expert counsel I receive at ROCK – I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else!”

Marice White VP, Schubert Flint Public Affairs