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The Reaching Optimum Core Kinetics Model

equipROCK Institute has specialized in highly advanced “Core-Training” for world class athletes for 25+ years and now brings to the general public a high performance fitness & wellness training system that is second to none.

What is The “Core”?

Kinetics means “movement” and the “core” of the body, according to ROCK Institute, “is the power-generator & facilitator of all human movement & athletic power.” The core is defined as all the muscles above the hips & buttocks to the bottom of your shoulders. This area is the primary producer of power for all human movement and, as such, is responsible for stabilizing the upper and lower extremities in order to protect it from injury.

According to ROCK Institute, “The body also has periphery core areas that work very similar to the primary “abdominal-core” and these periphery core areas are located within every joint.” Ever wonder why most pain occurs in the joints? No matter how big or small a joint can be they each function as a power-generator just like your primary abdominal-core does! These areas also must be functional, fit and strong to ensure a healthy, strong and pain free body.

Is Core Strength Crucial to Performance?

The key to all movement used in life, whether it be in exercise, sport performance, gardening, cleaning your kitchen oven, lifting a child, or placing a heavy box in an overhead compartment, require the “core” abdominal muscles to generate power and stabilize your body. Without healthy “core strength” an athlete will never be able to achieve their potential. Without healthy “core” strength an individual will fall prey to many injury problems that predominantly occur in the lower or upper back. These core centralized muscles serve to transfer the power developed in the lower body to upper body and vice versa. A strong core is the answer for decreasing the risks of sport performance injuries and staying young, fit and pain free!

ROCK Specialized Equipment – Develop the Core + More

The most sophisticated piece of equipment in the universe is the Human Body. Knowing how to develop the body is the reason why ROCK Institute exists. RI uses many tools to develop the body and its core functions through free movement exercises with the use of balance tools, Swiss balls, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands and free weights. However, when it comes to training and assessment equipment RI uses the most sophisticated training tools in sports and rehabilitation worldwide; Keiser Pneumatic Performance & Rehabilitation Equipment.

Keiser equipment accommodates a wide range of users from the orthopedic to the professional athlete. Keiser equipment is also the safest on the market, using consistent pneumatic resistance patented 30 years ago. From the specialized single station machines to the strength training POWER Racks, and the Infinity Performance Trainers, endless possibilities exist for the most advanced training that exists in the market today!

The Power RackThe POWER Rack incorporates pneumatic strength columns, which can be attached to the bar, allowing Keiser’s patented air technology to be used solely, or in combination with, free weights. This allows for a wide spectrum of training, enhancing power and stability for the athlete or user. Athletes who train on the POWER Rack experience rapid gains in overall strength, speed, control & explosive power.

The Air300 RunnerThe Air300 Runner was developed to improve acceleration and explosive power for athletes who must train at high speeds. The Air300 also provides a sophisticated tool for back rehabilitation and stabilizing the hips and core.

The Performance TrainerThe Performance Trainer is a single-column, high-low pulley system. It incorporates all the benefits of the Infinity Series. It is designed to be wall mounted or can be used as multiple units in our Infinity Series Six Pack configuration. Many gyms mount the Performance Trainer units on walls and configure them into individual stations within cable training zones.

The Air300 Leg ExtensionThe Air300 Leg Extension with its unique unilateral movement is a perfect match for rehabilitation and sports specific applications. Keiser’s pneumatic technology allows users to train at unlimited speeds, making it ideal for power & speed training. The additional benefit of the unilateral movement also helps correct strength imbalance.

The Air300 Leg CurlThe Air300 Leg Curl features a supine workout position for superior muscle isolation; a higher maximum resistance range, and a unilateral movement, which helps correct strength imbalance. This is the leg curl of choice for sports specific & rehabilitative applications or where superior muscle isolation is required.

The Shuttle MVP ProThe Shuttle MVP Pro is used for low impact, high performance plyometrics and functional rehabilitation training. Increases lower extremity power to improve sprinting, jumping & acceleration. For rehabilitative purposes, reduces stress on the spine, knees & legs.

Keiser's Air300 SquatKeiser’s Air300 Squat combines low impact technology with the ability to move safely at extremely high speeds. The result is unmatched, explosive power – the key to superior athletic performance. Thumb buttons for resistance control are conveniently positioned on the ends of the handgrips for greater control and stability during the exercise. In addition, a range-limiting feature helps prevent ligament and joint injury to the knee.

jacobsladderThe Jacobs Ladder Stairclimber provides a low impact workout using upper and lower body muscles over a greater range of motion.

  • The current lead time is 4-6 weeks until ship.
  • A patented climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill.
  • Offer your athletes a way to improve their aerobic endurance and anaerobic capacity.
  • Display measures distance, rate of speed, output level of effort, elapsed time and calories burned.