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Lifestyle and Fitness Training

Lifestyle and Fitness Training

Although ROCK Institute is a Sports Performance Center our Personal Training focuses on the prevention and treatment of non-athletic injuries as well. Our three divisions fit any and all people who want to improve their overall health and well being. It has been proven that most injuries originate from disparities in total strength, flexibility and Balance, posture, coordination, and joint stability. Through a concentrated 60 to 75 minute fitness assessment our State Certified Personal performance trainers will precisely measure the individual’s core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination, and more. After our assessment is administered, ROCK Institute will be able to develop an accurate and functional exercise/training plan to address the specific weaknesses and needs for the complete benefit of the client. Our fitness assessments for non-athletes are different from our Sport Performance assessment. To know more about our sports assessments please view Sports Training. ROCK Institute also has a comprehensive Nutrition assessment through our Wellness & Longevity center.

To create the optimum results whether a professional athlete or a non-athlete we test the core continuously. The core is like the nucleus or vital center of the body where all movement revolves around, providing a strong stable base for complete force driven distribution throughout the body equally. By developing a strong core the body becomes muscularly balanced and circulates properly relieving back pain as well as preventing future unneeded injuries.

Functional and purposeful strength describes the movements that are made everyday whether an athlete or non-athlete. The Human body ultimately and basically uses four regions that become major in day to day activities such as driving a car and turning your neck, or waking up in the morning and bending over to put your socks/pants/shoes on for the day. These four levels are vital and involve the ability to flex/turn or bend at the ankles, knees, hips and neck. Anyone with major pain to one of the four understands how hard it may be to be mobile on a daily basis which is why it is important for us to reproduce these specific movements in an exercise format to increase functional movement without constant pain.

Non Athlete Fitness & Wellness Services

While RI’s proprietary systems were developed for the elite athlete, RI has provided break through health & fitness solutions to the local community for more than 20 years. RI believes that the health, performance & longevity of every person are just as important to them as it is for the pro athlete. Longevity of health, as well as, performance is what produces youthful vitality and pain free movement.

For the individual, RI creates individual-specific assessments and programs to identify and correct the hidden “causes” that impede performance and break down the joints and body. RI understands that human performance for the individual must be tailored for one’s lifestyle needs and desires. The Life Performance Blueprint Assessment (LPBA) was created to determine lifestyle objectives with the health and performance capacities of the individual. Most people do not have the expertise or knowledge to recognize the subtle shifts behind degeneration. The LPBA identifies core weaknesses/imbalances in 3 major body systems that govern all human movement, strength, health and regeneration. Through this proprietary process the individual body is empowered to recover and regenerate faster than ever before. Healing syndromes that lead to many maladies can be corrected and the body restored.