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ROCK History

ROCK Institute has served over 15,000 athletes and individuals worldwide.

RI’s ongoing vision is to unquestionably be the ultimate leader in Performance Training, Injury/Pain Correction as well as Integrative Holistic Wellness in the United States. This will be accomplished through the dedication of purpose and passion to reach our potential in core functional movement and overall healing for our clients, customers, and patients.

In order to accomplish this, over the past three decades medical and scientific theories had to be re-evaluated in order to compliment human physiology as well as the body’s healing systems. More than that, the sciences needed to embrace important principals of functional health and regeneration in proportion to the distinctive needs of the individual. From this unique perspective numerous health & musculoskeletal concepts would be identified, whereby existing and new therapeutic concepts could be refined and created. As a result, a comprehensive methodology for correcting pain, sports injuries, and preventable health problems was developed.